Ovulation Induction Treatment to stimulate ovulation

Ovulation induction is the method of stimulating the ovaries by medication so that they can provide the essential quantity of eggs required for fertilization. This is done for women who are incapable of producing healthy and fertile eggs due to various reasons such as irregular menstrual cycles, absence of menstrual cycles, or other reasons that may be causing infertility. The fertility drugs are administered to the woman only after syncing their time to the time of egg retrieval. The ovulation induction treatment is executed as a sub part of fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, or other advanced methods.

Irregular ovulation cycle is one when the gap between two ovulation cycles is longer than normal or sometimes it is hard for the woman to even determine when her next ovulation cycle is going to occur. The normal time frame between two ovulation cycles is 22 to 28 days and when this gap extends to say, 35 days, then this is a problem of great concern since it will cause ovulatory dysfunction that may cause hindrances in your pregnancy. This abnormal cycle becomes a major cause that disables the potential of the ovaries to make quality eggs in adequate quantity that are the major component in order for a fertilization to happen.

In case you are dealing with ovulatory problems or have a doubt whether your ovaries can make healthy eggs, then taking this treatment at the low cost of ovulation induction in Ukraine is the best choice you can make. Ukraine is a country where quality fertility treatments are offered at an affordable price. Surrogate Mother Ukraine is a medical tourism company in Ukraine that operates in coalition with the best fertility experts and hospitals. Our patient get to select the hospital of their choice with the purpose of getting the best fertility treatment without spending much.

Different procedures by which ovulation induction treatment is done

Ovulation cycle can be induced in a woman by following two methods, first one is done by using fertility medicine and if that alone does not work then hormonal injections are given normally in combination of the fertility drugs. In the method of triggering the ovaries with fertility medication, the doctor first determines the condition of the patient to see if they will get benefit from fertility drugs or in deciding the quantity of medicines to be given to the woman. The type and amount of fertility medicines will make up for the ovulation induction treatment cost in Ukraine.

The most common medicines used to stimulate the ovaries are Clomid, Gonadotropins, and Letrozole. This medicines assist in levelling up the hormonal levels that causes ovaries to accelerate the production of eggs. But if this method fails, then fertility injections are given either along with the fertility drugs or solely to make sure that ovaries make the required quantity of eggs for the fertility treatment. The most common fertility injection is an hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). T

A quick look into the process of ovulation induction treatment

For performing the ovulation induction treatment, the doctor will examine your health to suggest you the ideal time for undergoing a fertility treatment. During the ovulation induction treatment, fertility medicines or fertility injections or both will be given to the woman for regulating the production of eggs inside her ovaries. Whilst the medicines are doing their work, the doctor will keep the development of eggs monitored by using ultrasounds.

It is essential to track when the eggs mature so as to find out the right time to take them out for the next step of the process. If the patient is undergoing IVF or related treatment, then egg retrieval will be performed to complete the process. On the other hand, if a simple ART method of IUI is used, then the doctor will inject the sperms into the uterus of the woman as the eggs still resides in her body. This method is also used when trying to get pregnant naturally.

Candidates for ovulation induction treatment

Ovulation induction treatment help the ovaries in increasing the production of eggs when they are not able to do it naturally or on their own. Triggering the ovaries this way aids in creating more ovarian follicles that can be retrieved at the time of egg retrieval. It is the most recommended treatment when the woman is having PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which is a common condition that most women of reproductive age deal with. The reasons that causes abnormal menstrual cycle and as a result, ovulation dysfunction in women can be higher than usual prolactin levels, thyroid, hormonal imbalances, obesity, etc.

The probable conditions when ovulation induction treatment is helpful.

  • If a woman deals with irregular menstrual cycle
  • If a woman is havingpremenopause
  • When a woman has decided to experience IVF
  • If a woman is diagnosed with unexplained infertility


Reasonably-priced ovulation induction cost in Ukraine

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is a prominent place to contact when faced with the serious problem of infertility as we provide the best quality fertility treatment that produces the coveted outcomes.The cost of ovulation induction in Ukraine lies under the price range of USD $200 to USD $800. This is a highly affordable cost and is the lowest you can get. Our fertility experts perform the most efficacious course of a fertility treatment and make sure that our patients get a satisfactory treatment experience no matter which type of fertility treatment they are undergoing. Also, we have authentic and higher success rates than other fertility hospitals.


Usually, most couples who attempt to conceive for six months or year easily achieve pregnancy and for couples who are not able to achieve pregnancy in this time frame are termed as infertile. Infertility is growing issue and millions of couples are diagnosed with this problem worldwide every year. The cause of such inability to conceive is identifiable in man or woman or both, but generally, the problem is associated with the mother and because of which she has to bear the process of female infertility treatment in Ukraine.

Female infertility describes a situation when a couple is not able to get pregnant because of the female partner is inept at promoting the occurrence of pregnancy due to various health problems in her body. There are multiple reasons that contribute her infertility such as her age, reproductive health problems, hormonal issues, physical health problem, or other factors that can be identified after a comprehensive diagnosis of her conditions by an experienced infertility specialist.

This type of infertility can be divided into two parts; primary infertility where the woman is reported to have never conceived successfully in her lifetime. The other one is secondary infertility in which she has given birth to a health child in past but is not able to do so now due to some reasons. Regardless of which category you fall into, our fertility experts and female infertility specialists at Surrogate Mother Ukraine possess substantive expertise in handling any type of female infertility treatments cases. The fertility hospitals associated with our medical tourism company are popular for having performed a number of successful female infertility treatment at a considerable cost of female infertility treatment in Ukraine to infertile patients worldwide.

Common symptoms that indicates Female Infertility 

There are some symptoms that you can notice if you doubt that you are dealing with female factor infertility.

  • Irregular Periods: The usual time gap between two menstrual cycles of a woman is 28 days and if she experience a wide gap, say 15 days in her periods, then this can be problematic.
  • Heavyorpainful menstrual cycle: If you deal with a lot of pain or heavy bleeding during your periods, then this might be related to infertility and you should get yourself checked.
  • Nomenstrual cycle: If your periods have not occurred for more than two months, then it is advisable to consult with an expert to find the cause.
  • Hormonal imbalances: Hormonal imbalances lead to problems such as hair fall, acne, weight gain, etc. And these problems often result in infertility.

Causes that give rise to Female Infertility

Apart from noticing mild symptoms, there are other severe causes that are clearly the reason behind infertility, here are some of them.

  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes: Fallopian tubes is the passage where sperm enter to reach the egg and problems in it can disrupt the process of fertilization. Therefore, if your fallopian tubes are damaged then you cannot conceive unless you receive a treatment.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): PCOS is a disease where a woman has abnormal hormone levels and produces male hormones in excess.This leads to obstruction in the production of eggs and ultimately, female infertility.
  • Endometriosis: Endometriosis is when the tissues that makes for the endometrium lining of the female’s uterus, grows in other parts instead of the uterus.Due to this, a healthy pregnancy cannot be attained.
  • Uterine problems: There are other known or unknown uterine issues that causes infertility in women such as polyps, fibroids, and other abnormal growth in the uterine cavity.

Different types of Female Infertility Treatment in Ukraine

Treating female infertility is a complex issue and requires apt diagnosis along with the application of the right fertility treatment. The treatment needs major efforts both financially and emotionally, thus choosing the best female infertility treatment centre in Ukraine that gives the finest quality treatment becomes imperative.

Before we talk about the best fertility centre in Ukraine, let’s have a look at some of the common infertility treatments performed in Ukraine.

Intrauterine Insemination or IUI: IUI treatment incorporates injecting the fertile sperms directly into the uterus of the woman via cervix. The direction introduction of sperms to the uterus increases the chances of fertilization as it bypasses various problems that were preventing the sperms from reaching the egg in the natural method. This treatment is usually known as artificial insemination and is the most basic female infertility treatment.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization): IVF is a popular and an extensively used ART method for making pregnancy possible. In the process of IVF, eggs and sperms are collected from the couple and fertilized in the lab. The fertilization causes the formation of an embryo that gets surgically implanted inside the mother’s womb. IVF treatment has provided successive results to various couples till date as it makes fertilization achievable outside the human body and thus, eliminating various hindrances in the path of fertilization. Upon the completion of the embryo transfer, the mother takes the pregnancy test and confirms pregnancy within two weeks of the treatment.

IVF with donor egg: IVF using donor egg is an option when there is a problem on the female’s part as she cannot make healthy eggs for the process of IVF treatment. In this situation, using donor eggs is the viable option as use of donor eggs makes the positive outcomes in the IVF more certain. The donor eggs are fertilized with the father’s sperms and at the end of the IVF with donor egg treatment blood tests are done to confirm pregnancy. The process differs from the simple IVF only when it comes to collecting as the eggs because the eggs are received from an egg donor.

There are other advanced methods as well for treating female factor infertility but mentioned above are the most common fertility treatments used for dealing with the problem of female infertility.

 Fair Cost of Female Infertility Treatment in Ukraine

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is the finest medical travel agency to consult in Ukraine when searching for the reasonable cost and the best female infertility treatment centre in Ukraine. Our fertility experts and other doctors are adept at executing the best course of female infertility treatment and make sure the highest chances of success in the fertility treatment of the couple. We serve the highest success rates for female infertility treatment in Ukraine.

Following table depicts the cost of female infertility treatment in Ukraine.

Female Infertility treatment in Ukraine Cost of Female Infertility treatment in Ukraine (USD)
IUI 750 – 800
IVF 4800 – 5000
IVF with Donor Egg 6800 – 7000




Accessible Vasectomy reversal Surgery Cost in Ukraine

Vasectomy reversal surgery is a surgery done to reconnect the vas deferens to the penis with the purpose of making it easier for the sperms to come out in with the ejaculated semen, and ultimately, open the gateway to the path to pregnancy again. The reversal is done to rescind the effects of a vasectomy surgery, which is male sterilization process where the vas deferens is sealed with the aim of stopping the sperms from merging with the seminal fluid. It is a type of permanent birth control and is performed when the man has decided that he does not want to have a child after that point.

However, certain circumstances or unavoidable health conditions or just a desire to have a child again, makes the couple to ponder over the possibility of reversing a vasectomy. Whereby the vasectomy reversal surgery comes provided at the least Vasectomy reversal surgery cost in Ukraine. The procedure makes it possible for the sperms to emerge out and this way pregnancy becomes an achievable task. This reattached path for sperms ensures their flow to the vas deferens and their mixing with the ejaculated semen.

It is basically a process for reviving male fertility and giving an option for the couple when they wish to get pregnant again. Another matter of serious concern is the place or the fertility centre that provides the best treatment for vasectomy reversal surgery at an acceptable cost. Surrogate Mother Ukraine is a prominent medical tourism services company offering it’s incredible to the patients all over the world for more than two decades. We have the best male infertility specialists that provide the first-rate fertility treatment and work diligently to assure desired outcomes for the patients concerned.

Going through the process of vasectomy reversal surgery

Vasectomy reversal surgery in Ukraine is a surgical specialty done for undoing the male sterilization process accomplished by using vasectomy reversal surgery. The reversal surgery makes him capable of inducing pregnancy in the woman by making it easier for his sperms to emerge out of the semen and entering the passage to woman’s egg. The surgery is completed within a time span of four hours or may take long or less depending upon the variety of circumstances or complications of the vasectomy done on the patient. It is outpatient basis procedure so you can head for home on the day of the surgery itself.

In the beginning of the vasectomy or vasovasostomy reversal surgery, the man is given anesthesia to make him irrespective of the discomfort that he is expected to experience during the surgery. The surgeon starts by making an incision in the scrotum region for exposing the vas deferens and thereby, analyses the way by which vasectomy was executed on the patient. After he has evaluated the blockage, he proceeds on to carve out the scar tissue from the different ends of the tubes and attached them for making pathway for the sperms. The reattachment leads to the introduction of vas deferens into the scrotum. The doctor stitches the incisions made and the patient is set free.

What are the chances of positive results after a vasectomy reversal surgery?

There is no definite number that can even come near the actual rate with which a patient is expected to get great results in their fertility treatment after the vasectomy reversal. The patient’s current health and the manner by which his vasectomy was done has a lot to do with the success in the reversal and in the chances of conception. Another overlooked point is the expertise and excellence of the surgeon who is going to be executing the vasectomy reversal surgery on the patient.

For making sure whether reversal is possible, if there are sperms in the vas deferens and after conforming so he moves ahead with the surgery. With the surety of the sperms to be produced and found after reversal, there are fair chances of success as long as the ability of the man to induce pregnancy in the woman is concerned. However, if the sperms are not easily found then other advanced methods can be used that are known as SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) methods.

Ascertaining the Vasectomy reversal surgery cost in Ukraine

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is an eminent medical tourism agency in Ukraine having fertility experts with immense expertise in executing the best course of various fertility treatment with great results. Our network hospitals uses top-notch equipment and latest methods when operating the patients for vasectomy reversal. We make a customized treatment plan that best suits the medical requirement patient and is made with the purpose to reduce their cost without reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Vasectomy reversal surgery cost in Ukraine comes under the price bracket of USD $3500 to USD $4000 and may be more than that if the situation demands as it is dependent upon the health requirement of the patient. Our fertility experts and surgeons thoroughly analyse the condition of the patient to make sure that they receive the best treatment that results in producing positive outcomes. They also experience great amenities and facilities within this price range only. Our success rates for vasectomy reversal surgery are decent and are comparatively higher than any other fertility centre in Ukraine.



Tubal ligation reversal surgery is done to undo the tubal ligation, which is a female sterilization process that a woman undergoes when she decides to not get pregnant in future. There could be a number of reasons that a woman goes for tubal ligation,but the different scenarios in the future compels her to become pregnant again and that is when she requires a process of tubal ligation reversal.

Reversal surgery is not that easy to perform as it requires the woman to have adequate fallopian tubes if they wish to nullify the effects of a tubal ligation surgery. The process of a tubal ligation reversal surgery aims at untying the fallopian tubes that were attached together in the tubal ligation process and connected to a part of fallopian tubes that is unharmed and is capable of working. In the tubal ligation surgery, the fallopian tubes are tied so as to prevent the sperms from passing through them and resulting in a pregnancy.

However, the tubal ligation is not permanent as the woman can opt for reversing this surgery by going for the reversal process at a reasonable tubal ligation reversal surgery cost in Ukraine. Sometimes an unfortunate event happens or the woman want to take the plunge to pregnancy again due to different unavoidable circumstances. This way, tubal ligation reversal surgery is the best option as it gives the woman a chance to try her luck at pregnancy again and make her dream of having a child come true.

You no longer need to search for a fertility clinic for the purpose of your reversal surgery as Surrogate Mother Ukraine can provide you the type of treatment that you exactly need and a cost which cannot be found anywhere else. Ukraine has become a prominent country to the infertile patients worldwide owing to the level of medical treatments provided here at a comparatively lower cost than other developed nations.

A comprehensive look at the process of tubal ligation reversal in Ukraine

The process of tubal ligation reversal surgery aids the woman in her quest to pregnant even after she was steadfast about not becoming pregnant earlier and underwent the tubal ligation surgery. But there are certain factors lies upon which are the chances of this reversal turning into a success such as the availability of enough fallopian tubes for reversal, type of tubal ligation surgery previously done, etc.

Getting ready for the surgery

The fertility specialists needs to know some information regarding the kind of medication and supplements your living on before he operates you for the tubal ligation reversal surgery. It is important for the doctor to comprehensively detect your condition for finding out whether the reversal process is possible for your typical condition.

For preparing for the surgery on your part, he would suggest you to refrain from consuming alcohol or avoid smoking as taking them is of no help and only contributes to health complications. Also, you will be advised to abstain from ingesting or drinking anything prior to 8-10 hours of your reversal surgery.


Working through the surgical process

The surgery commences by giving anesthesia to the patient to make her ignorant of the pain or uneasiness that is to be caused during the surgery. The surgeon creates an incision in the woman’s stomach to make way for a laparoscope. The laparoscope with a light and camera attached to it enters into the abdomen for providing a vivid view of the organs inside it to the surgeon, and with the help of the camera, these images are projected onto the screen in front of the surgeon.

First, the surgeon has to determine the possibility of a reversal and after confirming so, he passes the surgical tools through the incision and pulls out the material such as the rings or clips that were used to tie the fallopian tubes during the tubal ligation surgery. After removing, he attaches the part of fallopian tubes that are intact and were not impacted or damaged by the ligation process. For confirming the attachment, a dye test is done that shows whether the tubes are reconnected or not.


After surgery care

Tubal ligation reversal surgery is an outpatient basis surgery and the woman can return home the same day. However, they are advised to take some precautions and at least two weeks goes into the recovery of their condition. She may experience shoulder pain or pain in any other body part, but this can done away with medicines. The patient should avoid coming in contact with water and avoid touching the area where surgery is done, and is suggested to abstain from work out for a while. It is critical to take the medicines suggested by the doctor as it also help in making certain that the reversal surgery becomes successful.

Go for our fertility services and get the lowest tubal ligation reversal cost in Ukraine

We at Surrogate Mother Ukraine provide the best quality of varied fertility treatments. The fertility experts at the different network hospital cautiously inspect the condition of the patient to determine the reason for their infertility, and accordingly provide the best medical care that produce the wondrous results. We have state-of-the-art equipment and our patients are assured of the best quality treatment that complies with the international standards at a cost that does not appear to be out of their reach.

The tubal ligation reversal cost in Ukraine ranges between USD 6000 to USD 6500. The final cost is determined only after the consultation and analysis of your condition by our medical staff and they make a customized plan to suit you or than can help you manage the different costs. Our medical tourism company operates in Ukraine and is connected with some of the finest fertility experts who are committed to the cause of making the life of childless couples joyful by making their dream of parenthood a concrete reality.



What is a hysteroscopy surgery?

Hysteroscopy is a surgical procedure that aids in identifying the potential causes of infertility by inspecting the uterus of a woman. When a woman is considering pregnancy or thinking of undergoing IVF, she may not get the results as there could be some underlying issues such as irregular menstrual cycles or other related uterine problems. To help in discovering the issue, a process called hysteroscopy is done where a thin instrument is inserted inside woman’s vagina to have a look at the condition of her uterus and other related parts.

For performing the hysteroscopy surgery at a reasonable hysteroscopy cost in Ukraine, the doctor inserts a hysteroscope with a camera and light, into the uterine cavity of the woman. The camera helps in giving a vivid view of the uterus and fallopian uterus so that the doctor can easily detect any abnormalities. If needed, the doctor takes the pictures with the camera with the purpose of analysing them later.

The surgical procedure of hysteroscopy is minimally invasive and is mostly employed in the cases where woman is facing with heavy bleeding due to her abnormal menstrual cycle. The surgery becomes all the more important when the patient wish to pursue pregnancy through IVF as it is important for the woman to have the best uterine health if she wants successful results in her fertility treatment. The problems in the uterine can be analysed and corrected accordingly, with the help of hysteroscopy surgery.

Your quest for searching the fertility centre that provides the best-quality hysteroscopy surgery got over the moment you reached this page. Our medical tourism company- Surrogate Mother Ukraine work with the adroit fertility specialist who are excellent at finding out the infertility issues in the patient and give them the best course of treatment accordingly. The connected fertility hospitals with us have the best infrastructural facilities so that patients can get the best treatment experience without paying much.

The process of hysteroscopy explained

The hysteroscopy surgery is given at the best hysteroscopy cost in Ukraine that you cannot find anywhere else. We have the best surgeons who possess ample experience in performing some of the most successful fertility treatments and other procedures with efficacy and precision.

The process of hysteroscopy surgery is accomplished within a time span of not more than 30 minutes. It is an outpatient based surgery and the patient can return home on the day of the surgery itself.

Before commencing the surgical process, the patient is given anesthesia so that she can sleep through the surgery and do not feel the pain and discomfort to be caused during the procedure. But there’s always an option of staying alert during the surgery wherein the surgeon only numbs the area with medication where surgery is to be done.

In the process of hsyteroscopy surgery, the doctor keeps uses a tool called speculum to keep the vagina of the woman open during the whole process, and then enters a hysteroscope in the vagina with the aim of giving an inside picture of the uterus to the surgeon. The surgeon uses carbon dioxide gas to broaden the vaginal area and to have a more clear view of the anomalies, if there any, inside the uterus.

The camera affixed to the hysteroscope captures the images of the part that the surgeon finds important. The images are thoroughly analysed by viewing them on the monitor so as to find out the accurate cause behind infertility. Once the surgery is done, the patient can go home or she can result if the effect of anesthesia is still there.


Ideal candidates for hysteroscopy in Ukraine

The major reason for undergoing hysteroscopy surgery is when the woman is having menstrual cycles heavier than normal or the longer duration of the menstrual cycle than usual. The abnormal uterine bleeding makes it impossible for her to get pregnant and she needs treatment for this specific infertility condition.

Besides that here are some conditions that requires a hysteroscopy surgery.


  • For discovering the reason behind problems related to excessivevaginal bleeding, heavy menstrual cycle, pain in the pelvic region, or ultimately, the cause behind infertility.
  • It is useful in finding out pelvic adhesions, fibroids, uterine scarring, etc.
  • The patients with positive results in a pap test, this procedure can help in identifying the presence of abnormal cells inside her uterus.
  • The hysterescopy surgery also aids in treat the problems caused due to the misplaced intrauterine devices, or for carving out fibroids from the uterus.
  • If the patient is having postmenopausal bleeding, then this surgery may help to find out the cause behind it.
  • Hysterscopy procedure is also useful in determining the reason for recurrent miscarriages.


Determining the hysteroscopy cost in Ukraine

Surrogate Mother Ukraine offers the most accurate hysteroscopy surgery in Ukraine within the most accessible price range for the patient around the globe. The hysteroscopy cost in Ukraine comes under the price range of USD $300 to USD $600. We have brilliant fertility specialists and surgeons who perform this surgery proficiently within this cost. This is the lowest price range you can find for hysteroscopy surgery in Ukraine with the highest chances of success in the same.





Identify the hidden cause behind infertility with laparoscopy surgery

Laparoscopy is the surgical speciality executed for detecting the issues with the reproductive organs within the abdominal region of a woman. This is done to find out the reason behind infertility as there may be some hidden conditions that can also be determined with the inner view of the patient’s stomach. The surgery is really helpful as gives the doctor a clear picture of the internal organs such as ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus so the doctor can check for it tumors or ulcers and make correction accordingly.

The process aids the doctor in spotting anomalies in the organs such as scar tissue, fibroids and pelvic adhesions that could be the cause behind the patient’s infertility. Also, the surgical procedure also assist in correcting those defects found in ovaries, fallopian tubes, or intestines by performing a surgery for removing them. In the process of laparoscopy surgery at a low laparoscopy cost in Ukraine, the surgeon inserts a laparoscope that is usually thin and has a camera affixed to it for viewing the organ inside the abdominal area of the woman.

It is a minimally invasive process since it does not involve cutting and opening the organs and the doctor looks out for abnormal structures such as tumors and cut them a little for analysing in the form of a sample. This process is highly recommend when the woman is experiencing unexplained bleeding or infections and especially when these conditions are preventing the woman from becoming pregnant and it is important to find out the cause for that so alterations could be made and the woman gains the ability to get pregnant.

If you are confused as to which fertility clinic to choose for laparoscopy or if you are not able to find out the reasonable laparoscopy cost in Ukraine in the first place, then we are here to help you. Ukraine has become a favourite country for undergoing fertility treatment procedures and helping the couples in achieving pregnancy. Surrogate Mother Ukraine is a well-known medical travel agency in Ukraine providing the most affordable price ranges for different fertility treatments. Our company works in collaboration with the first-rate fertility specialists who are majorly experiencing in implementing effective ART methods with accuracy and precision.

A look at the procedure of laparoscopy surgery

Laparoscopy is one of the most effective surgeries done to identify the problems in the reproductive organs of the woman that may be the cause behind infertility. The surgery aids the surgeon in discovering the cause that has given rise to problems such as pain, dysfunction and other issues concerning the abdominal region of the patient. We provide this surgery at an accessible laparoscopy cost in Ukraine.

Preparing for the surgery

The surgery is done on the outpatient basis which means the woman is not required to stay at hospital and can return on home on the day of the surgery. For commencing the procedure of laparoscopy surgery, the woman is given anesthesia for making her oblivion to the discomfort caused in the surgical process. The patient may choose to sleep or they can stay awake if that makes comfortable but for that they are given local anesthesia just to desensitize the abdominal area of the patient.

A detailed explanation of the laparoscopy process

During the process of laparoscopy surgery, the surgeon cuts a small incision in the lower region of the stomach for making entrance of the thin laparoscopic tube. Then, he enters the tube from the incision made that also has camera and a light attached to it to give a lucid view of the internal organs of the patient. The doctor also inflates the abdomen with carbon dioxide that magnifies in inside view to a considerable extent. If the surgeon finds abnormalities he can perform surgery for carving out such problems with the surgical tools.

When the surgery is performed on the defected part, the surgeon pulls the instruments and the laparoscope out of the incision and closes the incision made by doing sutures. The stitches may not cause discernible scarring as it is a less intrusive process and the incisions that were made were very small and the skin that was cut around the stomach regain its texture within a few weeks. But the patient is at the risk of experiencing some pain or bleeding after the surgery is done; the patient can also have shoulder pain or infections.

Acceptable laparoscopy cost in Ukraine

Surrogate Mother Ukraine offers the patients the best price ranges for a different type of fertility treatment methods. Our medical tourism company is immensely experienced in providing progressive results for the fertility treatment of the patients within affordable pricing. The laparoscopy cost in india is about USD $5000 for a single laparoscopy procedure in Ukraine.

This is a highly accessible price for laparoscopy in Ukraine with the assistance of finest fertility specialists and surgeons. Our fertility services are the best as compared to the other nations and we make sure to make a cost-effective treatment plan for the couples so that they can easily afford the cost.


Looking for IMSI Cost in Ukraine? IMSI – a highly advanced method for attaining fertilization

Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection or IMSI is an enhanced version of treatments such as IVF and ICSI and is done when these procedures do not bear the effective results. This is another method for considerably increasing the chances with which a couple attains conception with the help of a fertility treatment.

Seldom has it happened that the infertile couple with the incapability to attain pregnancy naturally, have to take the help of ART techniques such as IVF but do not get the outcomes expected due to severe male infertility issues. Due to which, advanced techniques have to be adopted for sperm aspiration and selection for having a better and a certain shot at pregnancy.

IMSI is the advanced and specialised method that you have been searching for and it is a treatment wherein the sperms are selected by inspecting them under a microscope possessing a magnifying lens of 6000x. This magnified lens gives a clear view of the shape and structure of the sperm so as to find any defaults in it and to select the sperms that are free of faults.

But a major obstacle in experiencing this advanced procedure is the cost. IMSI is a process that is expensive but in Ukraine it is easy to find affordable treatment. Ukraine is a country that has emerged as a popular destination for experiencing reasonable fertility treatment with great results and here you can find the fairly-priced IMSI cost in Ukraine.

The normal method do not make for effective assessment of sperms and the bad sperms get used in the process that results in the failure of the treatment. In such scenario, this method of sperm selection is highly beneficial in order to find frailties in the sperm and making sure that only the best sperms go forward for the process of fertilization.

Some things to consider when finding the sensible IMSI cost in Ukraine

When questing for the low price of IMSI, it is crucial to take into account many things as with no information how everything works in the world of ART, you may get misinformed and make the wrong choice. IMSI is a latest method for sperm selection and is more detailed than any other fertility treatment procedure, so it is natural that it will cost higher than the basic methods.

But do not get fooled into paying extremely high prices and do you proper homework for finding out how much does IMSI cost in Ukraine. IMSI uses a special method for sperm selection by analysing its morphology under a microscope and to detect even a tiny defect if there is in the sperms. This method is highly useful when there is male factor infertility as the father is not able to produce healthy sperms required for the process of a fertility treatment.

The fertility centre that you pick should offer a tailor-made treatment package that suits your requirements and you should be able make adjustments. The cost should include expenses of all the method that occur during the whole treatment and nothing should be left behind. You should not pay more than the basic price range, which you are going to find out in the below lines.


A look into the process of IMSI treatment in Ukraine

The process of IMSI is identical to that of IVF diverging only on the part where sperms are to be obtained for fertilization. In the initial phase, the mother is required to take fertility medication for increasing the quantity and quality of eggs in her ovaries. The medication process inside her ovaries is assessed using ultrasounds and when the eggs mature, they are retrieved by using a hollow needle.

Now it is time to collect the sperms via IMSI. For this, the father has to offer his semen sample by coming into the clinic. The doctor, from this semen sample, picks a single sperm after scrutinizing it for defects and morphology under a microscope with a 6000x magnification lens. In this case, shape of the sperm matters as it means the better the shape the healthier the sperm is to reach and permeate the egg.

The select sperm is directly injected to the centre of the egg and as a consequence, fertilization is attained. This leads to the formation of the embryo, which is then implanted inside the womb of the mother. Within a matter of 14 days, the mother achieved pregnancy, confirmed and followed by the positive results of a pregnancy test.

Choose Surrogate Mother Ukraine an affordable IMSI cost in Ukraine

The IMSI Cost in Ukraine lies in the price bracket of USD $400 to USD $450 and involves the charges of all the procedures that take place during the process of an IMSI. This is the best acceptable price range you can get for a superlative quality IMSI treatment in Ukraine in the hands of highly-experienced fertility specialists. The price range varies for conforming to the unique needs and conditional requirements of the patient.

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is the best medical tourism company in Ukraine for acquiring the best cost of different types of fertility treatments. We have associations with some of the finest fertility experts and top-class fertility clinics in Ukraine. Our team at the network clinics work with absolute diligence to make sure they have a hassle free experience and take the utmost care of their patients.



Looking for Sperm Donor Cost in Ukraine? Using donor sperm for effective fertilization

Infertility is a curse to the couples who have dreamt nothing more than having a child in their life. The problems makes it impossible for them to achieve conception in spite of having intercourse for about six months to a year. One of the foremost reasons that contribute to such disability to have a child is found in the father; he cannot make the woman pregnant due to the inefficient production of sperms or fallacies in the sperms to effectively perform the task of reaching and fertilizing the egg.

To treat this specific cause of infertility where the problem lies in men, there is a fertility treatment called IVF. In Vitro Fertilization is the most desired treatment and is widely used ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) method where the infertile couple can try their luck for having a baby with the use of a technical method. IVF treatment has become a coveted fertility treatment owing to the fact that it has helped and continue to help a million of couples across the globe in having a baby.

For dealing with the male-factor infertility; a condition where the problem of infertility is in man and not in woman. In this scenario, the couple can take the assistance of a sperm donor, who is a man willing to provide his sperms in return for some monitory compensation. But the task is not as easy as it sounds because for finding the suitable sperm donor that is perfect from your requirement takes efforts and the aid of an excellent fertility centre.

To help in your quest for seeking a good sperm donor, we at Surrogate Mother Ukraine, have the best sperm donor and offer an acceptable sperm donor cost in Ukraine. Our medical travel agency in Ukraine operate with the best fertility clinics that select their sperm donors after extensive screening so as to make sure their sperm donors are the best and using their sperms always produces great results.

Criteria for becoming a Sperm Donor in Ukraine & How Much Sperm Donor Cost in Ukraine

IVF is a treatment that makes fertilization achievable in a lab environment instead of a human body. But for that to happen, the sperms and the eggs used in the process of fertilization have to be of the best quality so that successive results are assured. But when the male partner is inefficient at making healthy sperms, services of a sperm donor can be used and we provide the best sperm donor cost in Ukraine by selecting our sperm donors with comprehensive screening and medical testing.

The potential candidate has to pass the following points in order to become a sperm donor in Ukraine:

  • The potential sperm donor have to possess excellent medical history and should be free from any kind of communicable diseases (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).
  • The age of sperm donor should lie somewhere between 18-39 years.
  • The potential sperm donor should not be accustomed to bad addictive habits such as alcohol, smoking, etc.
  • The health of the possible candidate has to be A1 and he should not be suspected of having serious health problems in the past or present.
  • The family health history of the sperm donor also matters as he is not allowed have to any or history of genetic problems
  • His mental health has to brilliant and he should have mental illness as well as it may affect the child to be borne by using his sperms.


Our fertility clinics ensure that the sperm donor is selected in accordance with these guidelines and they perform effective screening and medical tests on the patient. The sperm donor is also enquired verbally about his medical history, educational background, and family history to find out if he has a good personality, which is also an important part for creating the database of affordable sperm donor cost in Ukraine.

Once all the above criterions are perfectly matched, his profile gets listed into the database and the infertility couples can access his file anytime to know if he is a suitable match for their sperm donor requirements.

Who can benefit from donor sperm?

Services of a sperm donor are necessary when the couple are choosing to undergo IVF and in need of healthy sperms as the male partner cannot make healthy and motile sperms. There are some reasons listed below that make you an ideal candidate for using the aid of sperm donor at a reasonable sperm donor cost in Ukraine

Here are some situation that indicate the use of donor sperm.

  • When the father has some genetic problems and it is not at all a wise option to use his sperms for encouraging fertilization.
  • When the male partner has problems such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory problems, and other issue that prevents the sperms from even coming out.
  • Male partner with acute infertility issues such as azoospermia.
  • Single mother who want a child and do not have a male partner.
  • Men who have undergone vasectomy, can get the help of a sperm donor.

Highly plausible Sperm donor Cost in Ukraine

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is a widely recognized medical tourism company in Ukraine having fertility experts serving the patients from over three decades. For accessing a reasonable price for a fertility treatment, we provide our patients with a tailor-made treatment plan so that they can pay only for the actual expenses.

The sperm donor cost in Ukraine comes under the price range of USD $500 to USD $1000. The range may vary in accordance with different situations and requirements of the patient. This is the lowest price for acquiring the services of a sperm donor in Ukraine.


Looking for Egg Donor Cost in Ukraine?

Seeking the aid of an egg donor in Ukraine

The couples who are unable to get a child via the natural process comes under the category of infertile couples. The only way out of in this situation is to take the help of a fertility treatment and choosing the method that best suit your health and conditional requirements. One of the major reasons why a couple is devoid of experiencing the joy of becoming parents is the bad or inadequate quality of eggs in the mother’s ovaries.

IVF is the most desirable method of fertility treatment wherein a technical method is adopted for encouraging fertilization. The method includes taking the sperms and eggs of the intending parents or they can be obtained from the donors, and both sperm and egg donor services are used for this purpose. In case of poor ovarian reserve where there are not enough eggs to perform the IVF, help of egg donor can be used at the fairly-priced egg donor cost in Ukraine.

The egg donor is a woman who is comprehensively screened for the quality of their eggs and reproductive health before confirming them as a suitable egg donor for using her eggs in the infertility treatment of some other couple. Healthy and good quality eggs are extremely essential for attaining a healthy pregnancy. It is ensured that the patients get the best eggs to be used in their treatment and get the best results at an affordable cost.

Surrogate Mother Ukraine contains a big database wherein lies the profiles of the best egg donors that are extensively screened and have the experience of producing best results before. We are a medical tourism in Ukraine Connected with top-notch hospitals and world-class fertility specialists all over the world. We offer the lowest price range for egg donor profiles in Ukraine. We have the best team at our network hospital to give you the best satisfactory treatment experience.

Getting familiar with the process of egg donation at an accessible egg donor cost in Ukraine

We at Surrogate Mother Ukraine, provide a low egg donor cost in Ukraine, which is realized only  after taking into account all the relevant steps that takes place in the course of a fertility treatment of a couple. We perform appropriate screening tests and conduct medical procedures for finding out the potential candidates for becoming an egg donor in Ukraine.

Our fertility specialists efficiently perform the procedure of egg donation and make certain the infertile couple acquire successive outcomes in the course of their fertility treatment. The egg donors have to pass extensive medical testing and are diagnosed for confirming them eligible for egg donor profiles in Ukraine.

Choosing the egg donor in Ukraine

 The couple has to first find out the best egg donor for their treatment and for that, they are given the facility to access the egg donor profiles at our various network hospitals. From these profiles, they can pick the egg donor that fits to whatever requirements they have and then the rest of the process is executed. This is a crucial egg as the egg donor is the person who’s going to give her major contribution in the results of the patients.

The step of ovarian stimulation for better results

Once the donor is select, she is prescribed fertility medication to trigger the production of eggs inside her ovaries and this results, in a better quantity and quality of fertile eggs. The ovulation cycle of the egg donor is aligned with that of the intending mother for keeping track each step of the treatment. The production of eggs inside her ovaries is assessed via ultrasounds and once the eggs mature, they are taken out of the ovarian follicles with the help of a hollow needle.

Preparing the intending mother for embryo implantation

The embryo is formed by mixing the donor eggs with the sperms, the next thing to assure is effective embryo implantation. The embryo has to attach to the endometrial lining or else all efforts made in the treatment would go waste. To make the embryo implantation successful, progesterone and estrogen injections are given for preparing the uterine lining of the mother. After all the steps are done, pregnancy tests are done on the mother after 14 days to confirm pregnancy. 

Acceptable egg donor cost in Ukraine

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is a popular medical tourism company in Ukraine for finding the best egg donor cost in Ukraine. Our company operates with the best fertility hospitals and fertility doctors who have immense experience for proving successful results in the IVF and other fertility treatments of the patient. Our team at the network hospitals thrive to provide the best treatment experience that does not involve major discomfort.

The egg donor cost in Ukraine is around USD $2000, which is the best and affordable cost you can get for obtaining the help of an egg donor for your fertility treatment. Our low price and the highest success rate is the reason for us to pick for your fertility treatment. We also have the highest success rates for fertility treatment when contrasted with other developed nations.




Finding Test Tube Baby Cost in Ukraine? Test tube baby is the common term used to address the IVF treatment; a treatment where infertile couples who are unable to accomplish using the natural method can go for a technical where their dream of becoming parents are realized. The treatment works in solving most cases of infertility and is a popular option that infertile couples are using globally to fight their problem of infertility.

While there a lot of infertility clinics in various countries that offer infertility treatment. But the factor that sets apart the best fertility centre from the mediocre ones is the cost at which the fertility treatments are provided and of course, the quality of the treatment. The infertility couple searching for test tube baby cost in ukraine should bear all these factors in mind if they wish to experience the best results in their test tube baby treatment.

There are different fertility centres that claim to give the successive outcomes in the fertility treatment at prices that are cheaper than normal. Beware of such people who make unrealistic promises. IVF or test tube baby is a treatment where success is not always certain and usually, depending on the condition of the patient, they may have to undergo the IVF cycle more than once or multiple times before they actually get a baby.

The complex process of test tube baby treatment requires a number of intricate steps, and each step has to be effectively conducted for having the desired results. It is also not an easy endeavor for couples who are taking the plunge into it because besides the money invested in the treatment, it also requires huge emotional investment as the couple has to be emotionally prepared to face the challenges involved in the treatment and do not have to give up no matter how hard the journey seems.

The role of the test tube baby centre

For easing the hardship of undergoing an IVF at the best test tube baby cost in Ukraine, the job of carving out the centre that suits your needs within an applicable cost becomes even more imperative considering the complex nature of this fertility treatment. The fertility centre that you pick for the treatment should agree to make a tailored-made treatment plan that includes the cost of only of those treatment that are actually going to be used and forgoing the useless treatments done just for the purpose of making money.

All of the qualities of a good fertility clinic is inbuilt in the fertility hospitals or clinics associated with the famous medical tourism company in Ukraine- Surrogate Mother Ukraine. Our medical tourism company has gained immense popularity over the years because of the supreme quality treatment given to the patients at a highly exceptional cost. We work in a long chain of fertility hospitals and fertility specialists in Ukraine having significant experience in treating the problem of infertility by conducing the best course of test tube baby treatment at the least test tube baby cost in ukraine

Test Tube Baby Cost in Ukraine
Test Tube Baby Cost in Ukraine

Facets that contribute to forming a reasonable test tube baby cost in Ukraine

The price for an IVF is not just a result of the brilliance of the fertility centre or the fertility specialists as the factors play a major role in deciding the pace and exactness with which the infertile couple tastes success in experiencing pregnancy with the help of this popular ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) technique. The most important of these factors are listed below.

The age of the patient considering the test tube baby treatment – Women under the age of 35 get the best results with test tube baby treatment. Over 35 years of women face a hard time getting the results with the increase in their age, which also increases the test tube baby treatment cost in Ukraine.

The severity of issues in their current health condition – The health problems of the patient matter a lot in deciding the cost of IVF as the patient with severe health problems may have to go other treatments or have to opt for more advanced techniques in the treatment that can majorly increase the test tube baby treatment cost in Ukraine.

Weight of the mother looking for test tube baby treatment –The mother taking the test tube baby treatment has to be in perfect body weight as the overweight women encounter difficulty in the fertility treatment due to their weight issues. Being underweight is also not a favorable condition if you wish to get the best results in your test tube baby treatment in Ukraine.

Their previous experience with other basic fertility treatment -There is high chances that the couple has undergone other fertility treatments before they decided for IVF as test tube baby is a treatment that is offered when the simple ones don’t work. However, it is important that your experience with the previous methods was not so bad, just to assure that you don’t face major problems in IVF as well, which may enhance the cost.

Connect with us to experience a comfortable path to parenthood at an affordable test tube baby  cost in Ukraine

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is the best medical tourism company to consult in Ukraine that provides the highest quality test tube baby treatment with the services of well-experienced fertility experts. The cost of test tube baby in Ukraine is USD $3300 , which is a price that is hard to find anywhere in Ukraine or the world, given the quality of treatment served at this rate. We also cater to our patients with the highest success rates for the test tube baby treatment in Ukraine, which is an essential requirement for deciding the best centre for fertility treatment in Ukraine

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