Before your fertility expert begins your IUI in Ukraine they will use the ovulation-stimulation medications through which they will monitor the status of your eggs. Once your eggs get matured your fertility expert will begin the IUI in Ukraine around the time you will ovulate which is nearly about 24-36 hours after the surge in LH hormone which indicates the time of your ovulation.

After this procedure, the semen sample of your husband will be taken and washed properly in lad so that seminal fluid will be separated. With the help of fine thin tube called catheter your fertility expert will directly insert the washed sperm of your husband into your uterus and through this procedure, the maximum number of sperm cells are placed into your uterus which will increase the chances of successful conception.

Best candidates for IUI Treatment in Ukraine

The following are the conditions when the fertility expert will suggest the IUI Treatment in Ukraine:

  • If male members are dealing with the cause of infertility due to which fertile women are unable to get pregnant then for these male members the IUI Treatment in Ukraine is the best option to have an own baby.
  • The condition where your fertility expert fails to identify the reason for not conceiving a baby then they suggest the IUI Treatment in Ukraine which helps you in conceiving a baby.
  • IUI is the treatment which is beneficial for single men or women and in such cases your fertility expert will higher egg or sperm donor who will help the single parent to have an own baby.

What is the success rate of IUI Treatment in Ukraine?

The success rates of IUI Treatment in Ukraine depend on several factors such as the age of the couple, body weight while undergoing for IUI, lifestyle, etc.  IUI Treatment in Ukraine is best for the couples under the age of 35 years as their chances of conception are more than the couples over the age of 35 years.

Pros of IUI Treatment in Ukraine

IUI Treatment in Ukraine is an effective treatment for individuals who are dealing with the mild infertility issues. This is less invasive procedure than IVF and it can address the number of issues including issues with cervical fluid, ovulation concerns, etc. Also, IUI Treatment in Ukraine is less expensive than IVF.

Cons of IUI Treatment in Ukraine

IUI Treatment in Ukraine is not an ideal treatment for all types of infertility issues. If the couple is planning for IUI, in that case, the fallopian tube of women must be opened and she must respond to the low dosage of fertility medications.

What’s an average IUI Cost in Ukraine?

The average IUI Cost in Ukraine is ranges between USD 10 to USD 1000 depending on which form you are taking the medication. If you take Clomid medicine which will cost you between USD 10 to USD 100 depending on the dosage and if you are taking medication in form of injections than it will cost you around USD 1000.

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