Best fertility solution in Ukraine: Ukraine is famous for its well-known medical facilities and also provides the best fertility treatments. In Ukraine, every fertility solution required a verified license to operate its clinic. The verification generated by the ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. According to the latest report, more than 40 ART solutions are providing fertility treatments to barren people. The costs of various treatments are immensely more reasonable in Ukraine than in countries like the UK and the USA. The centres of Ukraine make it the best fertility solution because of its laws.

The laws for fertility treatment in Ukraine are:

  • For any fertility treatment, no age limit is there. But women more than 51 years are not accessible.
  • Same-sex couples are not allowed to have the treatment
  • Surrogacy is legal in the country
  • Embryos can store for maximum time.
  • Sex selection is illegal in the country
  • The donation will be anonymous
  • The donor will be compensate 

In Ukraine, many fertility solutions provide a variety of treatments. It is well enhanced with advanced and modern facilities. The doctor teams and medical staff have high experience.

The best fertility solutions in Ukraine:

The list of top 5 fertility solutions in Ukraine with available treatments, costs, success rates, and facilities:

The solution provides a wide range of treatments to the patient. It is well known for surrogacy. They provide surrogacy with various advanced methods and technologies. 

Surrogacy: two types of surrogacy are present: Gestational and traditional. Gestational surrogacy is a bit more expensive than the traditional one. Still, it is much more affordable than other solutions. 

The modern facilities and treatments offer IVF treatment, PGD/PGS, Donor eggs, treatments for male infertility, treatments for PCOS AND PCOD, Cytoplasm transfer. 

The feedback of the patients is very positive and increases the success rates of the treatment. The success rates are higher for the solution. The qualities make the SURROGATE MOTHER UKRAINE, best fertility solution in Ukraine.

The fertility solution has many partner clinics worldwide. The solution provides numerous treatments to infertile patients. The success rates of the treatments are about 100%. The costs of treatments are very much affordable. The solution provides the first step of treatment-counselling free of cost to the patients. They do not have any hidden charges, which clears the total costs of the treatment at the very first point. The solution provides several packages to the patient for managing the payment of treatment. Their team of doctors and medical staff well experience 30 years in the same field well-spoken to every patient. The treatments and facilities they provide:

  •  IVF Treatment (ART)
  •  IUI Treatment 
  •  ICSI 
  •  IMSI
  •  Donor Eggs, sperm, and embryos
  •  PGD/PGS
  •  Freezing of egg, sperm, and embryo
  •  Surrogacy services
  •  Surgical Treatments (SSR)

All the treatments are provided by the best fertility solution in Ukraine at affordable cost, with no hidden charges, with an installation facility, packages to ease the payment, and high-quality facilities.

The fertility solution is best because of many reasons. The clinic uses the latest technology during the treatment. They have higher success rates of 80% comparatively higher than other fertility solutions in Ukraine. It has experts with great experience, urban infrastructure, and a hygienic environment. The costs of the treatments are affordable. The solution provides treatments like IVF, surrogacy, ICSI/IMSI, Blastocyst, and facilities PGD, Donor egg, sperm, and embryo. Their cost of IVF with donor eggs is around USD 4,000. The hygiene and infrastructure of the solution are good. 


The solution offers a variety of treatments to the patient. They have the best success rate of 80% in the treatments. The centre is well known for various treatments. The treatments offered in the centres are IVF, ICSI, PGD, TESE, PESA, MESA, IUI, and surrogacy. 

They provide feedback that increases the trust of other patients. The experts are the best and experienced. They provide top facilities at lower cost and higher success rates. 

The solution offers treatments for advanced fertility issues. It is the best fertility solution in Ukraine in terms of experts, facilities, infrastructure, and costs. 


It is a medical tourism company that offers many solutions for infertility treatment. The solutions under the company provide the treatment without any discrimination. They offer an end number of treatments at reasonable costs. 

The success rate of the IVF treatment in the solution is about 60%. They operate fertility solutions with the standard form of technologies and modern facilities. 

The costs of the treatments depend on the patient’s medical status. Facilities like Donor egg, sperm, and embryo are available. They provide the best experts for the counselling of the patients. The solutions offer both types of surrogacy at a reasonable price compared to others. The treatments and facilities they offer are IVF with Donor, ICSI, IMSI, PGD, freezing of embryo and egg. 

These top 5 best fertility solutions in Ukraine offer end numbers of infertility treatments to the patients at reasonable prices and with the highest success rates. 

The treatments and their procedure

The treatments and their procedure that is available in best solutions of Ukraine:

IVF Treatment

In Vitro Fertilization is a treatment that is well known for treating the sterile patient. Till now, IVF has helped many couples to have their child. IVF treatment is an ART process. In the treatment, doctors prescribe fertility drugs to the female. The doctors retrieve the egg from the female body. Then by mixing egg and sperm in a petri dish, insemination takes place. After fertilization of eggs and sperm, the fetus forms. That embryo implants with the help of a thin tube in the womb of the female partner. After several days pregnancy can be confirmed with the use of various blood tests. 

The IVF to treat a patient with blocked fallopian tubes, infertility in males, reverse ovaries, and unexplained infertility. 

The cost of IVF in the best fertility solutions in Ukraine is reasonable and available with modern technologies and donor facilities. 

The success rates of IVF are higher as 60% to 80% in the best fertility solutions in Ukraine. 

IUI Treatment

Intrauterine Injection is infertility treatment. The IUI is a less expensive and easy method. In the treatment, doctors inject the single healthy sperm into the uterus of women. The sperm is injected near the fallopian tube, the way of sperm will be clear. It can easily reach the egg and perform fertilization. 

The cost of IUI treatment is not as much higher as using your own sperm. Using donor sperm will affect the costs. 

Blastocyst Culture

The method is the culture used with IVF. It helps to cut down the multiple birth risks. Before implanting, the fertilized egg is observed in a lab for more than six days. In the traditional IVF, it is for two to three days only. 

Assisted Hatching

The method performs with IVF. It helps in increasing the chance of conceiving through IVF. In the process, experts make a hole in the protective layer embryo. Holding causes the embryo to implant itself on the womb’s wall. 

Cytoplasm Transfer 

It is used to enhance the quality of the egg. The cytoplasm is a fluid that is available in the egg. Experts collect the cytoplasm fluid from the donor eggs and transfer it to the patient’s egg. It is an inexpensive technique. 


Testicular Sperm Extraction is an advanced method for the retrieval of sperm. With this technique, sperm retrieves from the testicle and combines with eggs in the ICSI procedure. 


Surrogacy is legal in Ukraine. The best fertility solutions in Ukraine offer surrogates at affordable costs. Surrogacy is a process in which a surrogate mother carries the unborn baby of intended parents. Surrogacy is an expensive method because of the compensation amount provided to the surrogate mother. 

The success rates are highest in surrogacy as the surrogate mother has a healthy uterus according to the criteria, the surrogate mother should have her healthy baby. 

The best fertility solution offers surrogates as a perfect match to the patient. 


Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is an advanced technique to examine the genetic disorder present in the fertilized egg before the implantation. This technique performs with IVF. 


The Surrogate Mother Ukraine is the best fertility solution in Ukraine. They offer various treatments at an affordable price and higher success rates. The top best fertility solutions in Ukraine are famous for their top-class facilities and techniques. Before selecting any solution, visit through the information available about them as their infrastructure, variety of treatments, packages for the patients, advanced methods and technologies presence, their success rates of treatments, the experience of experts and doctors, the environment of the staff, etc. These factors are prominent for success in any fertility treatment. The laws of fertility treatment in Ukraine make any fertility treatment safer and different from the treatments of any other country.

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