Looking for Sperm Donor Cost in Ukraine? Using donor sperm for effective fertilization

Infertility is a curse to the couples who have dreamt nothing more than having a child in their life. The problems makes it impossible for them to achieve conception in spite of having intercourse for about six months to a year. One of the foremost reasons that contribute to such disability to have a child is found in the father; he cannot make the woman pregnant due to the inefficient production of sperms or fallacies in the sperms to effectively perform the task of reaching and fertilizing the egg.

To treat this specific cause of infertility where the problem lies in men, there is a fertility treatment called IVF. In Vitro Fertilization is the most desired treatment and is widely used ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) method where the infertile couple can try their luck for having a baby with the use of a technical method. IVF treatment has become a coveted fertility treatment owing to the fact that it has helped and continue to help a million of couples across the globe in having a baby.

For dealing with the male-factor infertility; a condition where the problem of infertility is in man and not in woman. In this scenario, the couple can take the assistance of a sperm donor, who is a man willing to provide his sperms in return for some monitory compensation. But the task is not as easy as it sounds because for finding the suitable sperm donor that is perfect from your requirement takes efforts and the aid of an excellent fertility centre.

To help in your quest for seeking a good sperm donor, we at Surrogate Mother Ukraine, have the best sperm donor and offer an acceptable sperm donor cost in Ukraine. Our medical travel agency in Ukraine operate with the best fertility clinics that select their sperm donors after extensive screening so as to make sure their sperm donors are the best and using their sperms always produces great results.

Criteria for becoming a Sperm Donor in Ukraine & How Much Sperm Donor Cost in Ukraine

IVF is a treatment that makes fertilization achievable in a lab environment instead of a human body. But for that to happen, the sperms and the eggs used in the process of fertilization have to be of the best quality so that successive results are assured. But when the male partner is inefficient at making healthy sperms, services of a sperm donor can be used and we provide the best sperm donor cost in Ukraine by selecting our sperm donors with comprehensive screening and medical testing.

The potential candidate has to pass the following points in order to become a sperm donor in Ukraine:

  • The potential sperm donor have to possess excellent medical history and should be free from any kind of communicable diseases (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).
  • The age of sperm donor should lie somewhere between 18-39 years.
  • The potential sperm donor should not be accustomed to bad addictive habits such as alcohol, smoking, etc.
  • The health of the possible candidate has to be A1 and he should not be suspected of having serious health problems in the past or present.
  • The family health history of the sperm donor also matters as he is not allowed have to any or history of genetic problems
  • His mental health has to brilliant and he should have mental illness as well as it may affect the child to be borne by using his sperms.


Our fertility clinics ensure that the sperm donor is selected in accordance with these guidelines and they perform effective screening and medical tests on the patient. The sperm donor is also enquired verbally about his medical history, educational background, and family history to find out if he has a good personality, which is also an important part for creating the database of affordable sperm donor cost in Ukraine.

Once all the above criterions are perfectly matched, his profile gets listed into the database and the infertility couples can access his file anytime to know if he is a suitable match for their sperm donor requirements.

Who can benefit from donor sperm?

Services of a sperm donor are necessary when the couple are choosing to undergo IVF and in need of healthy sperms as the male partner cannot make healthy and motile sperms. There are some reasons listed below that make you an ideal candidate for using the aid of sperm donor at a reasonable sperm donor cost in Ukraine

Here are some situation that indicate the use of donor sperm.

  • When the father has some genetic problems and it is not at all a wise option to use his sperms for encouraging fertilization.
  • When the male partner has problems such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory problems, and other issue that prevents the sperms from even coming out.
  • Male partner with acute infertility issues such as azoospermia.
  • Single mother who want a child and do not have a male partner.
  • Men who have undergone vasectomy, can get the help of a sperm donor.

Highly plausible Sperm donor Cost in Ukraine

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is a widely recognized medical tourism company in Ukraine having fertility experts serving the patients from over three decades. For accessing a reasonable price for a fertility treatment, we provide our patients with a tailor-made treatment plan so that they can pay only for the actual expenses.

The sperm donor cost in Ukraine comes under the price range of USD $500 to USD $1000. The range may vary in accordance with different situations and requirements of the patient. This is the lowest price for acquiring the services of a sperm donor in Ukraine.

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