Top-quality PGD testing in Ukraine

PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis) is testing performed in a laboratory setting for identifying any genetic defects and chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo in order to prevent the transfer of the inherited conditions to the child. The testing is done to find out single gene-disorders or any changes in the pattern of chromosomes of the intended parents. The couple who undergo this testing are not necessarily infertile but may have a hereditary condition or disorder and do not want to take the risk of passing on the same to their future child. But in most cases, couples who seek the PGD testing are infertile and use this treatment in conjunction with their IVF procedure.

PGD helps in recognizing any genetic disorder caused due to hereditary conditions where the genetic mutation is precise. The testing is performed on the embryo once it created with the IVF treatment; a commonly performed fertility treatment where the eggs are combined and fertilized with the sperms in a laboratory for forming one or more embryos. The intended parents can choose for PGD testing at a reasonable PGD cost in Ukraine on the embryo if they suspect the presence of any genetic condition and prevent the same from being transferred to the child. The test aids in identifying chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo so that the child does not get effects with the inherited condition.

The positive results in the PGD test lead to a greater chance of progressive outcomes in the couple’s fertility treatment as the embryo is free from any genetic disorders and is healthy enough for implantation. Surrogate Mother Ukraine offers the efficacious process of PGD testing in Ukraine with the services of our top-notch fertility specialists. We are a widely known medical tourism company in Ukraine operating in collaboration with highly experienced fertility specialists possessing experience of over 30 years in conducting the supreme quality treatment procedures of various types of fertility treatment and procedures in Ukraine.

A detailed explanation of the process of PGD in Ukraine

For performing PGD, first, IVF treatment is done for creating an embryo. The process can be divided into two stages, in the first phase; IVF is done and in the second phase embryo formed as a result of IVF that undergoes PGD testing.

Process of IVF for embryo formation and development

The beginning of the process requires the patient to take fertility medicines for inducing ovulation, which is done for encouraging a healthy and substantial production of eggs. Meanwhile, her follicular development phase is monitored with the help of ultrasounds for deciding the exact time of egg retrieval once the eggs mature. The surgeon retrieves the eggs from the ovaries after confirming their maturity and the collected eggs are mixed with the sperms in a culture dish. This results in the formation of the embryo which remains in the lab for at least 5 days for its further development and maturation.

PGD testing on the embryo 

Once the embryo is fully developed and attains the blastocyst stage, the doctor begins PGD testing. For the test, the doctor surgically picks some cells from the outer layer of the embryo. These cells are then evaluated for finding out any chromosomal abnormalities, genetic defects, or abnormal patterns of the chromosomes. The PGD test is done using the advanced method by our experts so that not a single defect can go undetected. The procedure usually takes a week but may take months in some cases as the abnormalities are not easily discernible. In the meantime, the embryo is kept healthy by freezing it at a very low temperature (vitrification) in a laboratory.

After some time when the test results come out, if they are positive that means no defects were found in the embryo, then, the embryo is unfrozen and is placed inside the recipient’s uterus. On the other hand, if the test result in negative, which means the embryo contains genetic diseases, then, it is destroyed and is not used for the further process of the fertility treatment.

Appropriate candidates for PGD test in Ukraine

It is not necessary that only couples with genetic disorders take this test and the couples with no such inclination can also undergo the test to evaluate the same possibility. The test aids in assuring increased chances of success in your fertility treatment. For determining whether the PGD test will be beneficial for you, consult with the specialist.

Here is the list of appropriate candidates for PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis) testing in Ukraine.

  • Females who have experienced recurrent miscarriages can try the PGD test in order to find out the cause behind the repeated miscarriages.
  • Females, more than 35 years of age should opt for PGD testing before embryo implantation as the deteriorating quality of the eggs can affect the quality of the embryo too.
  • When the couple has a single gene disorder, they should get their embryo checked via PGD so as to prevent their future child from getting the disorder.
  • When one or both the couples doubt the presence of chromosomal abnormalities, it is advisable to get PGD done on the embryo.
  • Females who had more than one IVF failed IVF cycle and the cause behind it is not identified yet, PGD might be the answer.


Reasonably-priced PGD Cost in Ukraine 

We offer a sensible PGD cost in Ukraine to the patients and the finest quality treatment at the hospitals. The cost of PGD testing in Ukraine lies under the price bracket of USD 5000 to USD 6000 and can be more than that depending upon the different treatment conditions and procedures. The exact cause is formulated only after you visit the clinic and consult with our fertility specialists. However, this is the most reasonable price range for PGD in Ukraine. Our patients receive a hassle-free treatment experience as our team is always there to assist them at each step of their treatment.

The network hospitals associated with Surrogate Mother Ukraine have well-equipped labs and our medical professionals use the latest methods when operating patients for different types of medical and fertility treatments. Besides the services of the doctors, our patients experience first-class amenities and facilities at the hospital within an affordable price range. Our success rates for different fertility treatments are the highest when compared to that of the other developed countries. We work with all our might to assure positive results in the fertility treatment of our patients because we rejoice in the happiness that we see on our patient’s face when they hold their baby in their arms


Superlative-quality ICSI Treatment in Ukraine

ICSI is an advanced form of ART technique performed to treat severe cases of male factor infertility. Contrary to the belief that only women deal with infertility issues, men are equally responsible for infertility. Out of all the infertility cases, around 50% are attributed to male factor infertility. One of the major causes behind male factor infertility is the inability of the man to make a sufficient amount of healthy sperms. These problems result in failure in attaining pregnancy through the natural method and the couple cannot accomplish their goal of enjoying parenthood.

Sometimes even reproductive treatments such as IVF fail at creating an effective embryo for implantation and successful achievement of pregnancy. In this case, advanced fertility treatments are required and one of them is ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in which a single sperm cell is directly injected into the cytoplasm of the mature egg. On the other hand in IVF treatment, a lot of sperms are used for the treatment in the hopes that one of them would reach and permeate the egg. The direct transfer of sperm significantly increases the chances of fertilization and pregnancy. The sperm selected for the ICSI procedure is picked after confirming its ability to bond with the substance called hyaluronan (HA).

The treatment is used when the couple did not experience success with other infertility treatments and need a more effective procedure in order to have a baby. ICSI is the best treatment option for couples dealing with severe male factor infertility and looking for a treatment that can assure greater chances of success. For undergoing ICSI treatment in Ukraine, it is crucial for you to comprehensive research before you select the fertility centre or specialist for your treatment as it plays a major role in determining your chances of success in the ICSI treatment.

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is among the best medical tourism agency in Ukraine having link-ups with skilled fertility specialists. Our fertility experts make and other medical experts have a great deal of experience in performing the best course of fertility treatments. Besides that, our staff members at the various network hospitals put concerted efforts with our team to ensure that our patients receive a satisfactory treatment experience along with the positive results. We offer a highly reasonable ICSI treatment cost in Ukraine, which is why patients from around the world choose our fertility services in order to get affordable and finest quality fertility treatments.

The process of ICSI treatment in Ukraine

We offer a highly effective ICSI treatment with services of our fertility experts adept at performing various successful ICSI treatment procedures. Before performing the ICSI treatment, our doctors comprehensively assess the condition of the patient to decide whether ICSI will be a suitable and effective treatment option. After confirming their eligibility for the process, they operate the patient for ICSI treatment.

The procedure of ICSI treatment is almost identical to IVF treatment differing only on the part where sperms are obtained because ICSI follows a special method in order to select the sperm. At the beginning of the ICSI treatment, the female partner is given fertility medications for stimulating her ovaries, which is required for ensuring better chances of success in the treatment. In the meantime, the condition of her ovaries is continuously monitored to see whether eggs have matured. Once the maturity of the eggs is confirmed, they are extracted from ovarian follicles with the assistance of a hollow needle in the process of egg retrieval.

The next step is semen collection and for collecting the sperms, the male partner has to provide his semen sample which will be washed out for discarding impurities. Then, the doctor selects a single high-motility sperm for performing the rest of the ICSI treatment. Also, the sperm is selected on the basis of its ability to bond with hyaluronan (HA). This single sperm is then injected directly into the cytoplasm of the egg with a sharp needle. This leads to fertilization and the resulted embryo from the ICSI method is implanted into the recipient’s uterus during embryo transfer. After a period of two weeks, blood tests and ultrasounds are conducted on the female to confirm the occurrence of pregnancy.

Suitable Candidates for ICSI treatment in Ukraine

ICSI treatment is used in cases of severe male factor infertility. This enhanced form of IVF is also used when the couple did not experience success in IVF due to ineffective fertilization in the IVF treatment. Our fertility experts at Ukraine perform ICSI treatment only after confirming that you are a suitable candidate for ICSI treatment at an economical ICSI treatment cost in Ukraine.

Below are some suitable candidates for ICSI treatment in Ukraine.

  • Males with teratozoospermia; abnormal sperm morphology
  • Males with oligospermia where sperm count is too low
  • Males with low sperm motility in which the sperm is not motile enough to reach the egg
  • Males with erectile dysfunction where he cannot maintain a firm erection
  • Males with ejaculatory dysfunction such as retrograde ejaculation
  • Males who had a vasectomy, which prevents sperms from coming out.
  • Males who are having antisperm antibodies that may impede effective sperm production
  • Males with immune factor infertility

Acceptable ICSI treatment Cost in Ukraine

The ICSI treatment cost in Ukraine is about USD 5000, which is the lowest cost for receiving the best-quality ICSI treatment. Our fertility professionals do not undermine the quality of the treatment for compensating the low cost and make certain that you get the most coveted outcomes in your fertility treatment. Our success rates for various fertility treatments are the highest when contrasted with other developed nations.

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is a world-renowned medical tourism company in Ukraine that offers the services of the best fertility experts with considerable experience in performing successful cases of ICSI treatment. Ukraine offers fertility treatments to infertile patients at hospitals that are well-equipped with modern technology and surgical tools. Our medical experts remain updated with the latest advancements happening in the domain of ART methods and employ the same when operating the patient.

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