How Much Does Ovulation Induction Treatment Cost in Ukraine?

August 1, 2020 by Dr. Alex xavior0
Ovulation Induction Treatment to stimulate ovulation

Ovulation induction is the method of stimulating the ovaries by medication so that they can provide the essential quantity of eggs required for fertilization. This is done for women who are incapable of producing healthy and fertile eggs due to various reasons such as irregular menstrual cycles, absence of menstrual cycles, or other reasons that may be causing infertility. The fertility drugs are administered to the woman only after syncing their time to the time of egg retrieval. The ovulation induction treatment is executed as a sub part of fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, or other advanced methods.

Irregular ovulation cycle is one when the gap between two ovulation cycles is longer than normal or sometimes it is hard for the woman to even determine when her next ovulation cycle is going to occur. The normal time frame between two ovulation cycles is 22 to 28 days and when this gap extends to say, 35 days, then this is a problem of great concern since it will cause ovulatory dysfunction that may cause hindrances in your pregnancy. This abnormal cycle becomes a major cause that disables the potential of the ovaries to make quality eggs in adequate quantity that are the major component in order for a fertilization to happen.

In case you are dealing with ovulatory problems or have a doubt whether your ovaries can make healthy eggs, then taking this treatment at the low cost of ovulation induction in Ukraine is the best choice you can make. Ukraine is a country where quality fertility treatments are offered at an affordable price. Surrogate Mother Ukraine is a medical tourism company in Ukraine that operates in coalition with the best fertility experts and hospitals. Our patient get to select the hospital of their choice with the purpose of getting the best fertility treatment without spending much.

Different procedures by which ovulation induction treatment is done

Ovulation cycle can be induced in a woman by following two methods, first one is done by using fertility medicine and if that alone does not work then hormonal injections are given normally in combination of the fertility drugs. In the method of triggering the ovaries with fertility medication, the doctor first determines the condition of the patient to see if they will get benefit from fertility drugs or in deciding the quantity of medicines to be given to the woman. The type and amount of fertility medicines will make up for the ovulation induction treatment cost in Ukraine.

The most common medicines used to stimulate the ovaries are Clomid, Gonadotropins, and Letrozole. This medicines assist in levelling up the hormonal levels that causes ovaries to accelerate the production of eggs. But if this method fails, then fertility injections are given either along with the fertility drugs or solely to make sure that ovaries make the required quantity of eggs for the fertility treatment. The most common fertility injection is an hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). T

A quick look into the process of ovulation induction treatment

For performing the ovulation induction treatment, the doctor will examine your health to suggest you the ideal time for undergoing a fertility treatment. During the ovulation induction treatment, fertility medicines or fertility injections or both will be given to the woman for regulating the production of eggs inside her ovaries. Whilst the medicines are doing their work, the doctor will keep the development of eggs monitored by using ultrasounds.

It is essential to track when the eggs mature so as to find out the right time to take them out for the next step of the process. If the patient is undergoing IVF or related treatment, then egg retrieval will be performed to complete the process. On the other hand, if a simple ART method of IUI is used, then the doctor will inject the sperms into the uterus of the woman as the eggs still resides in her body. This method is also used when trying to get pregnant naturally.

Candidates for ovulation induction treatment

Ovulation induction treatment help the ovaries in increasing the production of eggs when they are not able to do it naturally or on their own. Triggering the ovaries this way aids in creating more ovarian follicles that can be retrieved at the time of egg retrieval. It is the most recommended treatment when the woman is having PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which is a common condition that most women of reproductive age deal with. The reasons that causes abnormal menstrual cycle and as a result, ovulation dysfunction in women can be higher than usual prolactin levels, thyroid, hormonal imbalances, obesity, etc.

The probable conditions when ovulation induction treatment is helpful.

  • If a woman deals with irregular menstrual cycle
  • If a woman is havingpremenopause
  • When a woman has decided to experience IVF
  • If a woman is diagnosed with unexplained infertility


Reasonably-priced ovulation induction cost in Ukraine

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is a prominent place to contact when faced with the serious problem of infertility as we provide the best quality fertility treatment that produces the coveted outcomes.The cost of ovulation induction in Ukraine lies under the price range of USD $200 to USD $800. This is a highly affordable cost and is the lowest you can get. Our fertility experts perform the most efficacious course of a fertility treatment and make sure that our patients get a satisfactory treatment experience no matter which type of fertility treatment they are undergoing. Also, we have authentic and higher success rates than other fertility hospitals.

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