Surrogate Mother in Ukraine: Sterility becomes the topmost concern topic in the entire world. Many sterile patients are undergoing a variety of treatments. Some patients can become parents through treatments while many of them are suffering and finding a solution. Surrogacy is the last option suggested by doctors in every fertility clinic. In Ukraine, many clinics are serving various treatments. Ukraine is the most preferred country for sterile patients. Surrogacy is the most successful way to get a biological child. Ukraine is a renowned country for its surrogacy because the cost of surrogacy is sensible, and the laws by the government make the treatment safer and reliable. Every year, many intended parents from different regions plan to choose surrogacy in Ukraine as commercial surrogacy is legal. The cost of a surrogate mother in Ukraine is more affordable than in other countries. The clinics offer young and healthy surrogate mothers in Ukraine. The surrogate mothers in Ukraine serve and help sterile patients. The surrogacy programs offered by infertility clinics of Ukraine are legally based.

Surrogacy laws in Ukraine

Some laws for surrogacy that makes the program safe in Ukraine: 

  • Patients from different countries are allowed as commercial surrogacy is legal in Ukraine
  • Surrogacy is only allowed to Heterosexual married couple
  • Gender selection is not allowed 
  • Surrogacy for same-sex couples and single male parent is illegal
  • Gestational surrogacy, no legal rights of a surrogate mother over child
  • Egg and sperm donation is legal 
  • Patients with only valid infertility certificates are allowed to have surrogacy.

How to find surrogate mother in Ukraine

Finding a surrogate mother can become a problem sometimes as the compatibility of a surrogate is important with indented parents. Some clinics in Ukraine offer a suitable match of surrogate mothers at fair prices and save most time for patients. Points to notice while finding a perfect surrogate in Ukraine:

  • The surrogate mother should be young in her 20s for successful results
  • The surrogate mother should be healthy in terms of physically and mentally 
  • The mother should have her healthy baby
  • She should be not suffering from any disease 
  • She should have a decent family background
  •  Her husband and family respect the decision to be a surrogate mother
  • She should be a suitable match to the intended patients like she has the same skin and eye colour and physical appearance

Process of surrogacy in Ukraine

The two types of surrogacy: Traditional surrogacy and Gestational surrogacy, only Gestational surrogacy is available in Ukraine

  • Traditional surrogacy is conventional surrogacy where the sperm is injected into the uterus of the surrogate mother. In this form of surrogacy, the surrogate mother shares the genetic relation with the child.
  • Gestational surrogacy is performed with IVF, where the eggs and sperm of intended parents fertilize outside the body and implant in the body of the surrogate mother. In Ukraine, Gestational surrogacy is offered by every fertility clinic.

The process of gestational surrogacy in Ukraine includes many crucial steps:


The first step of surrogacy is to screen the health of the surrogate mother in Ukraine. The screening contains ultrasound, blood tests, and many x-rays to determine the condition of reproduction of a surrogate mother. 


After finding a suitable surrogate, the doctor advises the parents of the legal formalities of surrogacy. According to legal formalities, the surrogate mother cannot cancel the program in the mid and has no right over the child after the birth.

Embryo Preparation

 Doctors retrieve the eggs and sperm of the intended parents and inseminate them in a laboratory. The mixing fertilized the egg, an Embryo form. The embryo is examined by the experts for some days.

Embryo transfer

After monitoring the embryo’s growth for several days. The doctor implants the fertilized egg in the uterus of the surrogate mother to grow.


After some weeks of transferring, pregnancy can be confirmed by blood tests. The result of pregnancy is positive and shows that IVF is successful. The non-positive pregnancy reports need another cycle of IVF.

After Pregnancy

 The nutrition and special care of surrogate mothers are necessary for a healthy child. The intended parents can hire a caretaker for the surrogate mother. 

The doctor advises screening of the surrogate mother in between one to two months to monitor the child’s growth in the womb. 

After nine months of a successful pregnancy, the child delivery of the intended parents takes place. 

Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is very sensible. The cost of surrogacy is in the budget of intended parents. The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine lies around USD 35,000 to USD 40,000. The total cost of surrogacy includes the clinic fees, IVF process, surrogate mother, legal contracts, and screening.

Cost of a surrogate mother in Ukraine

The charge of the surrogate mother is lower in Ukraine than in other countries. The cost of a surrogate mother in Ukraine is USD 15,000 to USD 18,000.

The cost affecters: Many aspects can affect the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine: 

  • The use of donor eggs with IVF in surrogacy will increase the total cost of surrogacy. The donor eggs cost about USD 10,000 in Ukraine.
  • The use of advanced methods like PGD and TESA/PESA can influence the total cost.
  • The cost of surrogacy can be influenced by the lodging, daily expenses, and caretaker charges of the surrogate.
  • The type of delivery can determine the total cost as a Cesarean section can cost around USD 1,500. 


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