Surrogacy Law Ukraine

How Surrogacy Law Ukraine does works?

Although, there is no such legal Surrogacy Law Ukraine is applicable, however, to run the procedure smooth the fertility experts at the hospital and clinics will ask intended parents and surrogate mothers to sign a mutual agreement so that no one should be blamed at the end of the procedure. Once the agreement signed by both the parties the fertility experts in Ukraine will begin the procedure which will fulfill all the dreams of infertile couples and allow them to enjoy their new phase of the life with their own baby.

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What type of the Surrogacy Policy Ukraine is signed?

The Surrogacy Policy Ukraine states that surrogate mother will be ready to carry the baby in her womb for 9 months and her family has no issues that for whom she is carrying the baby and once the baby born she will hand-over the baby to the intended parents without creating any issues. On the other sides, the Surrogacy Policy Ukraine states that intended parents are ready to take all the responsibilities of the surrogate until the baby birth and also pay her monthly compensation so that she will take proper diet and care to deliver the healthy baby.

The surrogate compensation which intended parents need to pay will include in the surrogacy package for them and they need not pay anything out of their pocket except for the medications which require stimulating the ovaries.

Types of Surrogacy perform under Surrogacy Law Ukraine

The surrogacy performs in two ways under Surrogacy Law Ukraine which are as follows:

Surrogacy with self-eggs

Surrogacy with self-eggs also known as gestational surrogacy where the fertility expert will collect the women eggs and fertilized them with her husband sperm to facilitate the fertilization and once the fertilization takes place the resulted embryo will be implanted into the uterus of the surrogate mother.

Surrogacy with donor or surrogate’s egg

Surrogacy with donor or surrogate mother eggs also known as traditional surrogacy where the eggs of the donor or surrogate will be artificially fertilized with the sperm of recipient husband and the resulted embryo will place into the uterus of the surrogate mother.

What is the Surrogacy Legalities Ukraine to be followed by both the parties?

The Surrogacy Legalities Ukraine which both the parties need to follow is that after the baby birth the surrogate will hand-over the baby to his/her intended parents and once the baby born it’s the responsibility of the intended parents that they need to file a petition in Court on the third day of the baby born for seeking the legal permission. According to Surrogacy Legalities Ukraine, the Court will order the Department of Vital Statistics to issue the new birth certificate where they will mention the name of intended parents as a legal parent of the baby born and surrogate has no relationship left with the baby born.

After the couple received the birth certificate of the baby they can take the baby to their hometown and as per Surrogacy Legalities Ukraine they will never contact the surrogate mother in future for any reason and also make sure that the surrogate will never meet the baby.

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