Looking for IMSI Cost in Ukraine? IMSI – a highly advanced method for attaining fertilization

Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection or IMSI is an enhanced version of treatments such as IVF and ICSI and is done when these procedures do not bear the effective results. This is another method for considerably increasing the chances with which a couple attains conception with the help of a fertility treatment.

Seldom has it happened that the infertile couple with the incapability to attain pregnancy naturally, have to take the help of ART techniques such as IVF but do not get the outcomes expected due to severe male infertility issues. Due to which, advanced techniques have to be adopted for sperm aspiration and selection for having a better and a certain shot at pregnancy.

IMSI is the advanced and specialised method that you have been searching for and it is a treatment wherein the sperms are selected by inspecting them under a microscope possessing a magnifying lens of 6000x. This magnified lens gives a clear view of the shape and structure of the sperm so as to find any defaults in it and to select the sperms that are free of faults.

But a major obstacle in experiencing this advanced procedure is the cost. IMSI is a process that is expensive but in Ukraine it is easy to find affordable treatment. Ukraine is a country that has emerged as a popular destination for experiencing reasonable fertility treatment with great results and here you can find the fairly-priced IMSI cost in Ukraine.

The normal method do not make for effective assessment of sperms and the bad sperms get used in the process that results in the failure of the treatment. In such scenario, this method of sperm selection is highly beneficial in order to find frailties in the sperm and making sure that only the best sperms go forward for the process of fertilization.

Some things to consider when finding the sensible IMSI cost in Ukraine

When questing for the low price of IMSI, it is crucial to take into account many things as with no information how everything works in the world of ART, you may get misinformed and make the wrong choice. IMSI is a latest method for sperm selection and is more detailed than any other fertility treatment procedure, so it is natural that it will cost higher than the basic methods.

But do not get fooled into paying extremely high prices and do you proper homework for finding out how much does IMSI cost in Ukraine. IMSI uses a special method for sperm selection by analysing its morphology under a microscope and to detect even a tiny defect if there is in the sperms. This method is highly useful when there is male factor infertility as the father is not able to produce healthy sperms required for the process of a fertility treatment.

The fertility centre that you pick should offer a tailor-made treatment package that suits your requirements and you should be able make adjustments. The cost should include expenses of all the method that occur during the whole treatment and nothing should be left behind. You should not pay more than the basic price range, which you are going to find out in the below lines.


A look into the process of IMSI treatment in Ukraine

The process of IMSI is identical to that of IVF diverging only on the part where sperms are to be obtained for fertilization. In the initial phase, the mother is required to take fertility medication for increasing the quantity and quality of eggs in her ovaries. The medication process inside her ovaries is assessed using ultrasounds and when the eggs mature, they are retrieved by using a hollow needle.

Now it is time to collect the sperms via IMSI. For this, the father has to offer his semen sample by coming into the clinic. The doctor, from this semen sample, picks a single sperm after scrutinizing it for defects and morphology under a microscope with a 6000x magnification lens. In this case, shape of the sperm matters as it means the better the shape the healthier the sperm is to reach and permeate the egg.

The select sperm is directly injected to the centre of the egg and as a consequence, fertilization is attained. This leads to the formation of the embryo, which is then implanted inside the womb of the mother. Within a matter of 14 days, the mother achieved pregnancy, confirmed and followed by the positive results of a pregnancy test.

Choose Surrogate Mother Ukraine an affordable IMSI cost in Ukraine

The IMSI Cost in Ukraine lies in the price bracket of USD $400 to USD $450 and involves the charges of all the procedures that take place during the process of an IMSI. This is the best acceptable price range you can get for a superlative quality IMSI treatment in Ukraine in the hands of highly-experienced fertility specialists. The price range varies for conforming to the unique needs and conditional requirements of the patient.

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is the best medical tourism company in Ukraine for acquiring the best cost of different types of fertility treatments. We have associations with some of the finest fertility experts and top-class fertility clinics in Ukraine. Our team at the network clinics work with absolute diligence to make sure they have a hassle free experience and take the utmost care of their patients.


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