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What is a hysteroscopy surgery?

Hysteroscopy is a surgical procedure that aids in identifying the potential causes of infertility by inspecting the uterus of a woman. When a woman is considering pregnancy or thinking of undergoing IVF, she may not get the results as there could be some underlying issues such as irregular menstrual cycles or other related uterine problems. To help in discovering the issue, a process called hysteroscopy is done where a thin instrument is inserted inside woman’s vagina to have a look at the condition of her uterus and other related parts.

For performing the hysteroscopy surgery at a reasonable hysteroscopy cost in Ukraine, the doctor inserts a hysteroscope with a camera and light, into the uterine cavity of the woman. The camera helps in giving a vivid view of the uterus and fallopian uterus so that the doctor can easily detect any abnormalities. If needed, the doctor takes the pictures with the camera with the purpose of analysing them later.

The surgical procedure of hysteroscopy is minimally invasive and is mostly employed in the cases where woman is facing with heavy bleeding due to her abnormal menstrual cycle. The surgery becomes all the more important when the patient wish to pursue pregnancy through IVF as it is important for the woman to have the best uterine health if she wants successful results in her fertility treatment. The problems in the uterine can be analysed and corrected accordingly, with the help of hysteroscopy surgery.

Your quest for searching the fertility centre that provides the best-quality hysteroscopy surgery got over the moment you reached this page. Our medical tourism company- Surrogate Mother Ukraine work with the adroit fertility specialist who are excellent at finding out the infertility issues in the patient and give them the best course of treatment accordingly. The connected fertility hospitals with us have the best infrastructural facilities so that patients can get the best treatment experience without paying much.

The process of hysteroscopy explained

The hysteroscopy surgery is given at the best hysteroscopy cost in Ukraine that you cannot find anywhere else. We have the best surgeons who possess ample experience in performing some of the most successful fertility treatments and other procedures with efficacy and precision.

The process of hysteroscopy surgery is accomplished within a time span of not more than 30 minutes. It is an outpatient based surgery and the patient can return home on the day of the surgery itself.

Before commencing the surgical process, the patient is given anesthesia so that she can sleep through the surgery and do not feel the pain and discomfort to be caused during the procedure. But there’s always an option of staying alert during the surgery wherein the surgeon only numbs the area with medication where surgery is to be done.

In the process of hsyteroscopy surgery, the doctor keeps uses a tool called speculum to keep the vagina of the woman open during the whole process, and then enters a hysteroscope in the vagina with the aim of giving an inside picture of the uterus to the surgeon. The surgeon uses carbon dioxide gas to broaden the vaginal area and to have a more clear view of the anomalies, if there any, inside the uterus.

The camera affixed to the hysteroscope captures the images of the part that the surgeon finds important. The images are thoroughly analysed by viewing them on the monitor so as to find out the accurate cause behind infertility. Once the surgery is done, the patient can go home or she can result if the effect of anesthesia is still there.


Ideal candidates for hysteroscopy in Ukraine

The major reason for undergoing hysteroscopy surgery is when the woman is having menstrual cycles heavier than normal or the longer duration of the menstrual cycle than usual. The abnormal uterine bleeding makes it impossible for her to get pregnant and she needs treatment for this specific infertility condition.

Besides that here are some conditions that requires a hysteroscopy surgery.


  • For discovering the reason behind problems related to excessivevaginal bleeding, heavy menstrual cycle, pain in the pelvic region, or ultimately, the cause behind infertility.
  • It is useful in finding out pelvic adhesions, fibroids, uterine scarring, etc.
  • The patients with positive results in a pap test, this procedure can help in identifying the presence of abnormal cells inside her uterus.
  • The hysterescopy surgery also aids in treat the problems caused due to the misplaced intrauterine devices, or for carving out fibroids from the uterus.
  • If the patient is having postmenopausal bleeding, then this surgery may help to find out the cause behind it.
  • Hysterscopy procedure is also useful in determining the reason for recurrent miscarriages.


Determining the hysteroscopy cost in Ukraine

Surrogate Mother Ukraine offers the most accurate hysteroscopy surgery in Ukraine within the most accessible price range for the patient around the globe. The hysteroscopy cost in Ukraine comes under the price range of USD $300 to USD $600. We have brilliant fertility specialists and surgeons who perform this surgery proficiently within this cost. This is the lowest price range you can find for hysteroscopy surgery in Ukraine with the highest chances of success in the same.




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