Laser-assisting hatching for embryo implantation

Laser- Assisted Hatching (LAH) is a method to assist the embryo is getting effectively attached to the uterine lining when it does not happen itself after the process of embryo transfer. For the successful results in the IVF treatment, it is crucial for the embryo to get affixed to the endometrium lining of the uterus. IVF is a widely performed fertility treatment that involves making fertilization possible outside woman’s body and the embryo formed as a result of fertilization is transferred to the womb of the patient.

But IVF does not always result in success and seldom happens that the patient has to undergo the treatment more than a single time. One of the reasons that the treatment does not bear fruitful results is the ineffective embryo implantation, which happens due to the inability of the embryo to get attached to the uterine lining. But the situation is not completely hopeless as there is a method called Laser-Assisted Hatching that is a technical process where the embryo is opened artificially for making the attached to the uterine wall possible.

For an embryo implantation to happen, it is important for the zonapellucia, which is the exterior of the embryo to break open so that the embryo can emerge out from its shell and attach to the uterine wall of the patient. But sometimes this failsto happen naturally due to the hardened outer shell of the embryo as it fails in coming out and attaching to the endometrial lining. To get a way out of this problem, the advanced method of LAH at a low laser assisted hatching cost in Ukraine can be used that removes this hindrance and aids in increasing the chances of a pregnancy happening.

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is a widely recognized medical tourism company in Ukraine that has the first-rate fertility specialists and other experts with a great deal of experience in conducting different types of ART methods. Our staff at the different fertility clinics assure that the patient get the best treatment and make them familiar to things that take place at each step of the treatment. We make a customized treatment plan for the patient that best suits their specific requirements. We also serve the highest success rates for varied types of fertility treatments.

Explanation of the method of Laser assisted hatching Cost in Ukraine

Laser-Assisted hatching is a process done when the embryo cannot attach to the uterine wall due to the hardening of its outer layer. Zonapellucida is the membrane that shelters the eggs as it undergoes its development process after being fertilized with sperms. This procedure takes place inside the ovaries and it is important for the embryo to come out of its shellcalledzonapellucida and attach to the uterine lining. During the embryo development stage, the zonapellucida hardens to an extent where it becomes difficult for the cells to emerge out and attach to the endometrial lining. To overcome this barrier, LAH is a method for the embryo rescue so that it can get attach to the endometrial lining and pregnancy could happen.

To perform the procedure of LAH treatment at an effective laser assisted hatching cost in Ukraine, it is important to complete the process of IVF treatment. During the process of IVF treatment, the eggs are sperms are received from the intending parents and are combined in a lab environment. This combination leads to fertilization and development of an embryo. This embryo, if it has hardened shell, which is observed after four days of fertilization. In the LAH method, a laser light makes way through the embryo with the purpose of cracking the hardened shell of the embryo; this beam soften the zonapellicicuda membrane so it can surrender and break and the embryo and attach to the uterine lining of the patient. The process it does with utmost caution so as to avoid the embryo from getting damaged altogether and to prevent its quality as well at the same time.

 Who can benefit from Laser-Assisted Hatching in Ukraine?

Laser-assisted hatching helps in increasing the chances of live pregnancy as the embryo it mechanically attached and before performing the process, embryo is analysed for tis quality to ensure that only best quality embryo enters the womb of the patient. But is LAH an effective procedure for you?

Well, here are some situations where LAH is proven to be most efficacious.

  • LAH is definitely the procedure to be used when a couple experiences failure in their IVF cycle due to failed embryo implantation.
  • If the age of female partner is over 35 years, then there are chances of poor embryo quality as the quality of a woman’s eggs tends to decrease as she ages.
  • When a woman has a diminishing ovarian reserve due to any reasons, then LAH is helpful as she may not be able to produce the fertile eggs required for creating an embryo of an excellent health.
  • If the female partner has more than usual FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) levels, then LAH may be needed.

Finding reasonable Laser Assisted Hatching Cost in Ukraine

Surrogate Mother Ukraine is the best medical tourism company in Ukraine that has fertility experts possessing over three decades of expertise in helping the infertile couples in their quest to parenthood. We provide diverse types of fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, IVF with FET, and Surrogacy within considerable price ranges. The laser assisted hatching cost in Ukraine comes under the price bracket of USD $250 to USD $300 and this is the most accessible price range for this treatment in Ukraine. Our fertility experts provide their services under this affordable price range and make sure that the patients get the desired results in their treatment.

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